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Some of our Color Patterns

HalKote's Resin-Rich® epoxy industrial surfacing systems deliver exceptional protection from  harsh chemicals, acids and solvents. They provide unbeatable strength and protection for areas requiring strong, hard, durable surfaces which effectively contain chemicals without degradation.

HalKote's floors are engineered to solve  your flooring problems and to meet federal and state environmental and FDA  regulations.  HalKote also follows the strictest surface preparation  regimens.

Resin-Rich® surfacing systems protect against corrosion, while providing an  easy-to-clean, non-slip work environment.

HalKote's Resin-Rich® system puts more epoxy on the floor than other systems, making the floor much stronger and impervious to chemical and liquid penetration.

Resin-Rich® floors are perfect for tough work sites:
Chemical plants, metalworking operations,wastewater treatment facilities,basic pharmaceutical manufacturing and chemical and  petroleum storage farms.

HalKote's Resin-Rich® epoxy floorings offer the best defense against corrosion and caustic  chemicals.  

Our  Floors:
Hold 60% more weight per sq inch than other epoxy floors, making them withstand heavy impacts & continuous abuse.
Are ten times less porous and resist  chemicals four times longer than other systems.
Are available in a spectrum of colors,  patterns and  textures.
Withstand heavy abrasion and dramatic temperature changes.
Are environmentally safe during and after installation.

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