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Terrazzo Aesthetic Features



Resin  Rich® Features

HalKote increases the polymer to aggregate ratio and incorporates an  elastomeric membrane (especially in wet areas) to provide significantly  more:

Thermal Shock Resistance
Flexural Strength
Impact Resistance
Compressive Strength
Stress Crack Bridging  Ability
Tensile Strength
Permanent Waterproof Barrier
Chemical Resistance

HalKote Resin Rich®
Epoxy/Quartz Composition Flooring


HalKote's approach and system design is the most cost  efficient in the long term.  

Details  make the difference!


Protection Around Drains, Transitions & at Wall/Floor  Junction
Bond Strength
Sanitary/Non-Porous Surface and  Matrix
Extra Detail Work - chasing & keying at transitions, around drains and troughs add significant years to overall life.
Higher polymer/aggregate ratios and extra detail work can be accomplished by other resinous flooring firms, but, most don't unless specified and enforced properly.

HalKote Resin Rich®
Epoxy/Quartz Composition Flooring
Detailed View - Minimum 3/16" (185-195 mils) Total Thickness
Not  to Scale - 1,000 mil = 1 Inch

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