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Some of our Color Patterns

HalKote's Resin-Rich® epoxy floors provide  unbeatable strength and protection for areas requiring the  strongest, hardest, most durable surfaces available.

Perfect for industrial work areas or sites receiving substantial  traffic, HalKote's monolithic floors harden  quickly, withstand abuse and are easy to maintain.

Heavy machinery - even multi-ton fire engines -  won't  destroy the floors.  Harsh chemicals don't  corrode them.

HalKote's Resin-Rich® system puts more epoxy on the  floor than other systems, making the floor much stronger and reducing costly maintenance  headaches.

Your floor is engineered specifically to meet your needs and all  government regulations.  HalKote follows the strictest surface  preparation regimens.

Our experienced, highly skilled installation professionals work around  your schedule so productivity isn't jeopardized.

Resin-Rich® floors are perfect for the tough work sites:

  • Utility Plants
  • Industrial Plants
  • Schools and Hospitals
  • Public Service Buildings
  • High Traffic Commercial Sites
  • Warehouse and distribution Centers

HalKote's epoxy floorings are the strongest available.  Our RESIN-RICH® floors:

  • Hold 60% more weight per square inch than other epoxy  floors,  making them withstand heavy impacts and continuous abuse
  • Provide a uniform appearance with little or no maintenance
  • Are available in a spectrum of colors, patterns and  textures
  • Are environmentally safe during and after installation

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