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At locations where cleanliness and durability  are required by law or mandated by use, HalKote's RESIN-RICH® epoxy floors are the perfect answer.

HalKote's monolithic floors with stand abuse and are easy to maintain,  standing up under the harshest, germ-killing cleaners.

HalKote's RESIN-RICH® system puts more epoxy on the floor  than other systems.  And, more epoxy on the floor makes for less porous, virtually impermeable floors.

Your floors are engineered specifically to meet your needs and all government regulations.  HalKote follows the strictest surface preparation regimens.

Our experienced, highly skilled installation professionals  work around your schedule so productivity isn't jeopardized.

Sanitary, chemical-resistant RESIN-RICH® floors are  perfect for tough work sites that must meet tough requirements:

  • computer rooms
  • food processors and retailers
  • nursing homes and hospitals
  • pharmaceutical and cosmetic plants
  • laboratories and diagnostic centers

HalKote's Resin-Rich® epoxy floorings solve the toughest problems:

  • Meet strict FDA, EPA and OSHA regulations
  • Provide a uniform appearance, even when maintained with  the harshest cleaners
  • Are available in a spectrum of colors, patterns and  textures
  • Are environmentally safe during and after  installation

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